Those in the know, will instantly recognize the initials BBC. For those who do not, they stand for Big Black Cock. It’s certainly a stereotype to say all black men have huge dicks, but it’s safe to say there are more than a few who do. Both men and women can fetishize about black cocks. This is not the only racial fetish people have. A woman of Asian decent once told me “All you white guys have a case of yellow fever.” I myself have always found Native Americans to be highly alluring.

Is this racist? Or just a matter of taste? If one looks in the darkest corner of the web, where porn videos exist designed to instill and strengthen BBC addiction, especially among supposedly straight men, one starts to wonder. Realize though, fetishes start from within. If one is looking at any given type of porn, something drove them to it. Something inside them wants it.

One interesting spin on the process is BBC porn for white supremacists. Here the humiliation fetish comes into play, as those who pride themselves on being superior are subjugated by their own desires betraying them. Is this, an effort to attack and undermine the white supremacist movement through porn which aims to be anti-racist, reinforcing racist stereotypes? Does the good outweigh the bad?

In the end a fetish for a certain look isn’t that unusual. Why should someone being attracted to Australian Aboriginals be any different than being attracted to bald men? Is choosing based on race any different from choosing based on other physical characteristics. Relationships may grow better when people have cultural backgrounds in common; but we’re not talking about relationships here. We’re talking about lust, plain and simple.

interracial couple with man covering breast with hand

In an age where some seem to consider microaggressions to be just as severe as, whatever its opposite would be, macroaggressions perhaps, it’s easy to cast stones. Is sexualizing a race wrong? Is it any different from sexualizing a gender?

The simple outlook would be to say, if it gets people laid, then who cares? If everyone involved is a consenting adult, where’s the harm? Or is the harm in treating a race as a monolith in the first place? I can’t give you those answers. I can only say “wait and see” as the ongoing story of race in the western world continues to unfold before our eyes.