Humiliation Fetish

We grow up thinking no one wants to be a loser; certainly no one wants to be called a loser. –Turns out, that’s not true.

For some, being insulted, humiliated, and more, is not only desirable, but arousing as well. The gender of the abuser doesn’t even matter to some. What matters is heaping as much verbal and mental abuse on the fetishist as possible. For men, one common target is to insult the size of their manhood.  Both women and men can enjoy having their intelligence mocked, or really, any aspect of their personality. Challenging men’s manhood is common, with women, attractiveness is a standard target. Body shaming is very common, especially cock size, tits, ass, weight and more.

Does this turn some people on? It certainly does. Whether they’re jerking/jilling or straining in chastity, for some, humiliation is an erotic thrill. This fetish is more common than most people realize. Phone sex website NiteFlirt has thousands of files with the tag “humiliation.” PornHub has over 16,000 videos. Entire chat rooms are devoted to the fetish. “Degradation/Humiliation” was on Maxim magazine’s 2020 “30 Kinky BDSM Ideas To Try With Your SO Tonight” list. Maxim seemed fairly shy about the topic, discussing little about it beyond reinforcing limits and consent. More on that later.

Cosmopolitan had a little more to say on the topic: “Like most kinks, erotic humiliation exists on a spectrum. It can mean a dominant partner consensually calling their submissive partner names like “slut” during sex. It can also be as extreme as someone being consensually “forced” to watch their partner have sex with someone else in front of them.” – Cosmo: Kink & Fetish Terms You Should Know However, cuckhold is really its own fetish, more than simply an offshoot of humiliation. Imagine, Cosmo getting something wrong about kink (gasp).

“Slut” is an interesting dichotomy. Some feel humiliated by the word, some seek to reclaim and empower it. After all fetishes are not monoliths. Please visit our humiliation forum and post your thoughts.


This fetish can also tie into physical punishment, financial domination and D/s, to name a few common combinations. Some with this fetish enjoy being called loser, or far worse, being made to feel worthless, less than human and even more. I even know of an audio file where the listener was told their own mother didn’t love them.

Even more extreme humiliation is the opposite of degrading chat, the ignore fetish. The sub made to feel so worthless they are simply ignored by the Dom. Given no attention whatsoever, so worthless as to be beneath notice. People pay professionals good money to ignore them. Dressing in clothing the submissive dislikes, sometimes involving picture taking, is another possibility. This can even tie in to blackmail fetishes.

Other subs in this form of play enjoy being used as furniture, Forniphilia. To them, sitting on their hands and knees for hours with someone’s feet perched on their back is bliss. For the person using a human being as a hassock? The feeling is mutual. For those looking for some creative play ideas, KinkLover– suggests being a doormat, a sculpture, or even a dining table


Both sides in this fetish are involved in a power exchange. Like most power exchange play, there is a Dominant and a submissive. That doesn’t mean both shouldn’t be equal partners in the play rules, and content. An important thing to remember is, no matter how cruel it may seem, this is consensual play. This sort of play is not impossible within the confines of a romantic relationship, so long as clear boundaries are established and respected. As always, safewords are important. Perhaps Cuckolding is a clear example of a consensual power exchange.


In part, because of the drive to succeed so prevalent in our society. Rebelling against, or escaping from that, into something it’s considered wrong to be, can be the ultimate surrender of control. Most people with this fetish have self-esteem no lower than anyone else, except when they indulge.

According to sexologist and psychologist Denise Renye. “Humiliation play is a consensual power exchange that is a very typical fetish. It can help people heal parts of the self that may have been bullied as a child. There’s a sense of mastery over something that may have previously been non-consensual.” —

On her website, sex expert Dr. Liz talks about humiliation play in the cerebral sense.

“I’m a super brainy person and so the hottest kink for me is the kink that happens in my brain. And humiliation play in a lot of ways is about finding the things that make you uncomfortable, the things that if they happen out in the real world in a regular context would be so shame-inducing. It’s so hurtful. And instead being able to explore them in a safe, healthy container.” —

So just remember, the next time you angrily call someone in chat a loser? They may just like it.


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