Marijuana and Sex

Marijuana, also popularly called weed or cannabis, is the leaves of the plant cannabis indica. This recreational or medically used plant is a psychoactive drug, i.e., substances that affect the nervous system as causes heightening of senses, change of mood and feelings

Marijuana has also been known to increase awareness of sensation and increase libido or sexual desire in its users. A study has shown that more users who took marijuana just before having sex have recorded more mind-blowing orgasms than those that don’t use it.

Effects of THC

Marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive constituent of cannabis. The human body contains cannabinoids that act as neurotransmitters that send waves to the nervous system affecting the senses, memory, and thoughts. It is also known to affect pleasure and sexual function.

THC can disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system when cannabis is taken, numbing the body and increasing blood flow by opening the blood vessels.

THC can disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system when cannabis is taken, numbing the body and increasing blood flow by opening the blood vessels.Therefore, it can help add more excitement to sexual experiences by enhancing the vibe of the moment.

It is not advised to take too much marijuana before, especially if you are not a frequent user, and taking too much can ruin the moment.


If you are new to edibles, you would like to eat them in bits since you are not sure the quantity you are ingesting from a single bite. You should relax after a bite to see if the effect will kick in. Start small and go slow.

It should take about thirty minutes to an hour to kick in but sometimes longer, so be careful. Smoking or vaping, it can take ten to fifteen minutes to set in, and it depends on the strain of marijuana and the quantity taken. The effect and experience are not the same for everyone.

Sexual Desires

Since marijuana can increase sexual desire in a person and heighten senses, they would feel every touch from their partner. Cannabis helps relax the body, especially when there is an anxiety disorder, thus aiding a rewarding sexual performance.

Men and women equally experience a change in their sex life when they take marijuana, but the dosage is essential.

Some studies have shown that erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire can be linked to the overuse of cannabis. Still, an adequate dose can increase sexual desire and lighten sexual experience. Women can take quite any dosage, but too much is bad for men.

Ways to Administer Marijuana

As with many recreational or medically used drugs, there are different ways users administer cannabis into their body systems: these includes:

  • It can be smoked either with a rolling paper, a pipe, or a vape
  • It can be boiled as a tea
  • It can be cooked as additives in food
  • You can add marijuana to the mix of ingredients used to make edibles, such as copies and brownies.

Effects of Marijuana on its Users

Marijuana effects vary depending on factors, including the length of use, the strain of marijuana, the user’s weight, and how much intake. Some of these effects can be:

  • It makes a person high, the feeling of euphoria and excitement
  • If you have an appetite problem, marijuana can increase hunger in you, tackling your lack of appetite
  • It makes you relax, especially if you are having anxiety issues
  • It heightens the senses
  • Cannabis can sort out your sleeping problems

Side Effects of Taking Marijuana

  • You can get addicted to cannabis, and no addiction is good
  • It can cause psychosis
  • Cannabis can cause a slow down in your movement and behaviors. Driving while under the influence is a bad idea
  • There is a chance the user will experience hallucinations.
  • If you are smoking it frequently, it can affect your lungs and cause breathing problems.

Marijuana is an excellent additive to spice up your sex life. However, it would be advised to infuse the use of lube into the mix when you take marijuana as an afrodisiac of sorts. This is because cannabis is likely to cause dehydration and affect you or your partner’s wetness and stamina. It would be best to watch the dosage and not take too much of it.