Worshipping refers to the admiration and adoration of specific parts of the body within the framework of BDSM. This can mean anything from someone worshipping the entire body of their dominant, or it could mean worshipping and being sexually attracted to specific parts of the body, such as breasts, the penis, feet, or even the shoes that someone is wearing. Worshipping is typically experienced by the submissive within the relationship, though it can also be enjoyed by couples or individuals who don’t employ any dominant/submissive or BDSM play, as seen on chat forums. However, when worship is enjoyed by a couples partaking in BDSM, the submissive is usually instructed to only look at or touch their revered part of the body when their dominant allows them. This adds to a sense of tease, having to “earn” their pleasure and the notion that they are inferior to their dominant, who makes all the rules.

It is common that worship can consist of looking at, touching, licking or kissing the specific body part they desire, as well as perhaps verbal adoration and compliments. It is typical that they aren’t allowed to passively touch the body part in any other way, such as with their hands, and are instead only allowed to touch it with their lips to further install a sense of superiority and inferiority. Face sitting and smothering is also another way to enjoy worship, as it also continues to further install the dominant and submissive elements of the relationship, continuing the powerplay. Some dominants may consensually humiliate their submissive for their act of worship, but often they are also entirely nonplussed by their worship, or can even encourage it if they enjoy it themselves too.


When it comes to worshipping, there is an almost endless amount of body parts that can be worshipped, including that of the penis, pussy, breast, feet, hands, muscles and boots. When it comes to penis and pussy worship, it is typical for the submissive to kneel down (to help enforce submission) and kiss, lick and suck the genitals of their partner, with the phrase “oral servitude” often used to describe the act. This goes beyond just giving oral and instead revels in an adoration of the pussy that can only be described in its truest form as worship, doing everything possible to taste each individual part and bring the owner of the pussy to a sense of extreme pleasure they’ve not felt before.


Another common form of worship is of the breasts, specifically female breasts. Breasts have always been a symbol of sexuality, and one of the female body parts found most typically attractive and sexually arousing, and yet worship of the breast goes one step further. Some suggest that large breasts display a subliminal message about the fertility of the woman as breasts are typically enlarged during ovulation, therefore subconsciously making her seem to be a better match for her partner, though of course women with small breasts can still be worshipped. Throughout much of the media, including porn and chat forums but also within the music and film industries, breasts have been widely discussed and fascinated over, with much talk and speculation over celebrity’s breasts being considered norm even in modern times when for civilians this would seem gauche. It is for this reason that it is common in the 21st century for female fashions to often include form-fitting tops and dresses which display the cleavage of its wearer, and the popular existence of push up bras assist with the appearance and size of the cleavage too. Cleavage has come to be understood as a great erotic symbol of sexuality, often a means within the media to seduce men and therefore the cleavage and breasts of a dominant (perhaps even a dominatrix) is a perfect means of worship over a submissive.


It is also popular for the buttocks to be worshipped, specifically female butt cheeks. So much so in fact, that many believe that breast fetishism initially originated from attraction and sexual reverence of the buttocks, due to the similarity between the two fleshy mounds. In women, the buttocks are typically caused by the oestrogen in the body which encourages the storage of fat in the lower half of a woman, typically for childbearing purposes, but the extra tissue in the hips, thighs and buttocks has become something adored by many as a desirable trait. So much so that many popular modern songs are about women with big buttocks, such as Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer. Many can enjoy ass worship through being sat on, having their entire face dominated by the butt cheeks to the point of struggling to breathe, whereas some will appreciate kissing, licking and sucking on the fat tissue of the butt cheeks.


With the common nature of foot fetishes, boot and feet worship is therefore very common in the BDSM scene too, and is widely discussed in chat forums. Boot worship is exactly what it sounds like, the worship of boots when worn by a dominant individual. As feet are typically seen as one of the inferior parts of the body, typically seen as disgusting, to worship feet or the shoes that are worn by feet, especially through kissing, licking and sucking, is also a humiliating thing, making it the perfect way for a D/S couple to express their dominance and submissiveness. Often the boots themselves are leather, a common material to be enjoyed throughout BDSM, thereby introducing another means of enjoyment for both parties.


Muscle worship is also popular within some groups as well, and focuses less on a particular body part and instead on any place on an individual that contains a large amount of muscle. Those with a muscle worshiping kink will often want to touch and kiss the muscles of their dominant, though they may also provide erotic enjoyment through being pinned down by muscles, the strength of their adored body physically proven to them. It would also be incredible for those with a muscle worshipping fetish to be lifted or wrestled, and they may also enjoy massaging the muscles, thereby helping with the maintenance and care of the body they’re aroused by.


Less popularly, hand worship is also enjoyed within the BDSM scene. Hand worship can extend to the hand as a whole or even a specific part of the hand, such as the palm, fingers or even the nails. Sometimes it is less about the actual body part itself but instead more about what actions the body part can partake in, such as the painting of the nails, washing up, or even the peeling off glue from the palm of a hand. Within the porn industry, and BDSM as a whole, this fetish is typically enjoyed through the use of hand jobs, but it can also be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways too.


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