BBC is a commonly used term, particularly within porn, chat rooms and forums, for “big black cock.” This typically refers to a black man with a large penis, far larger or thicker than would be perceived as normal. It is based on the stereotype that all Black men have huge dicks. This fetishized man often has sex with a woman who chooses sex with him over a (typically sized) male, therefore making the man feel inferior and embarrassed that he is unable to provide a woman the same size of penis, and often also extreme nature of sexual enjoyment, that the black man can.

This is a fetish often enjoyed by White women who are into the idea of sleeping exclusively with black men, but is also enjoyed by white, straight men who enjoy feeling inferior to those around them. It is a fetish that is closely connected to both a fetish for cuckoldry and also the “hot wife” fetish, and the three are often enjoyed in unison.


As previously mentioned, this fetish can be enjoyed by people who relish being humiliated or made to feel inferior by those around them, particularly those they’re in sexual relationships with. Due to this humiliation, it is often closely connected to the cuckold fetish in particular, with the White male being a cuckold as their partner has sex with a black man with a large cock. There are many reasons why the cuckold fantasy is so popular, with some reasons being the competition of having the quickest and most powerful sperm within a woman being a biological reason for the increasing in testosterone not only in humans but also primates.

For a lot of men, part of the enjoyment comes from the passionate veracity in which his partner enjoys having sex – showing a level of intensity and carnal pleasure not seen in their own relationship. Part of this enjoyment comes from seeing their female partner completely let loose in what becomes almost voyeuristic, in a way seeing their partner from a different lens.

Historically, a White woman having sex with a Black man was a taboo thing, with such relationships having been illegal less than 100 years ago. For those who have a fetish of BBC, the powerplay involved with this dynamic, and the taboo that comes with it, is often one of the main reasons people are so interested in it and acts as a turn-on for itself. The woman, for example, may become turned on by the idea of their racist parents being disappointed or horrified by her choice for sexual partner.

For many people, watching up close the act of sex, as a penis penetrates a vagina, is a massive turn on, and therefore seeing the contrast between black and white skin in the act only heightens the visibility of the moment and increases how turned on its witnesses (and those involved) become.


For some of the women involved, the fantasy is about having sex with a big cock more than anything else. The idea of the “BBC” is, therefore, less important when it comes to race, but instead about the size of the penis instead. But why would white people assume that black people have bigger penises than them? It stems from a racist history of claims that black people were savages who couldn’t control their sexual urges due to the large size of their penises. This therefore made them seem inferior to White men, who were seen as fully able to control their sexual acts and urges. While in modern times, we now understand the complete idiocy of such claims, this doesn’t stop the stereotype of black men being hypermasculine, hypersexual or well endowed.

The BBC niche continues to be one of the most popular categories of porn, online chat rooms and forums. Interestingly, the word “cock” is more commonly used by White people (as opposed to the word “dick”) and so we can infer that the term BBC, was created as a means of Fetishizing Blacks rather than a self-described term of the Black community. It is White people who predominantly support and enjoy this fetish. For a related and interesting read Are racial Fetishes Racist?


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