Anal sex is a form of sex that involves the penetration of the anus, often with an erect penis but just as often with a dildo, fingers or any other object that can be inserted. Anal sex is commonly associated with gay couples and homosexuality in both modern times and throughout history, but it is now slowly becoming further understood that couples of all sexual identity can enjoy anal sex, including heterosexual couples and even single individuals. Lesbians are also known to enjoy anal sex with the usage of their fingers as well as dildos, vibrators and household objects. While orgasms often occur through clitoral masturbation or pleasure, the sheer amount of nerve endings in the anus mean that it’s possible for orgasms to occur through anal sex too, both for men and women, for the former through the stimulation of the prostate. Anal sex is also known generally within society as being a potentially more painful form of sex, but there are a wide variety of advice online and on chat forums about how to minimize discomfort for those who seek such information – such as by providing lubrication and how to warm up properly for the physical sensation.


One of the reasons that anal sex is popular in heterosexual couples is that it dramatically decreases the chance for pregnancy when not utilizing birth control, such as condoms. It would be difficult for the sperm to somehow travel from the anus into the vaginal opening deep enough to reach the interior female sexual organs and therefore provides couples the ability to have sex without birth control without an extreme concern for reproducing. However, anal sex doesn’t protect people from the exchanging and contracting of STIs and therefore those who enjoy it still need to remain vigilant and careful about who they choose as their partners. Another reason for couples to choose anal sex is due to its ease of access when a female sexual partner is on their period.

Not only can anal sex be enjoyed with a dildo or a penis, but also with a whole host of sex toys that can change the course of the experience, such as butt plugs and anal beads. These toys can also help facilitate particular power dynamics through the act, such as by informing a sense of dominance and submission, masochism or even sadism. It is also possible for pegging and fisting to be enjoyed, not only for homosexual couples but also for heterosexual couples also looking to add to their sexual experience and power dynamic. How To Peg Your Man and Easing into Anal are good reads for those interested in trying out anal sex. Fisting is one of the least commonly enjoyed forms of anal penetration, as it requires an extreme relaxation that is difficult for anyone but extremely experienced individuals to be able to reach, but it is still enjoyed by many.


The main reason couples and individuals choose anal sex is not however due to its accessibility or ease, but instead due to the sheer physical pleasure it provides them. It’s no secret that there is a whole host of nerve endings in the anal region that make anal sex extremely pleasurable for both men and women, regardless of their preferences or sexual identity. For men, the pleasure itself can come from the friction of the penis rubbing up against the prostate internally through the anal wall, which can also often lead to an orgasm in of itself. This orgasm is often described on online chat forums by those who have experienced them as an even more pleasurable orgasm than those enjoyed through vaginal sex, and can often be longer lasting and more intense too. It can also be an enjoyable form of sex as it allows for further reach of the G-spot, a particularly sensitive spot where pleasure is increased which further allows for a better orgasm. This spot is a hot topic of debate among scientists and doctors over its particular location and reason for existing but, regardless, online chats are filled to the brim with stories of incredible G-spot pleasuring and the resulting orgasms. This spot can be enjoyed by both men and women, and explains women choosing anal sex over vaginal penetration too. Another reason women may prefer anal penetration to vaginal penetration is due to the tighter muscles of the anus to the vagina. This not only enhances the pleasure of the inserted penis for the male (if penetrated with an erect penis), but also provides the women greater pleasure upon being penetrated. Some women may find anal sex more painful for this very reason, typically when greater care has not been undergone to ensure they are properly lubricated, ready and comfortable for this form of sex. Therefore, it is essential that they are fully prepared and turned on before attempting anal sex. And aftercare is just as important

Anal sex is also often enjoyed due to its association with dominance, therefore making it a commonly practiced form of sex within BDSM and S&D relationships. The level of taboo that it exists within in greater society also only adds to the excitement it often creates, and therefore it has become only more popular in secret and on online chat forums as a result.


Anal sex is often found to be a taboo form of sex due to its existence throughout history in opposition with religion. As it is not a form of sex that can typically produce children, it has often been seen as wasteful and condemned within religion, and has therefore been vilified throughout history as a result. For men who are receiving anal sex, it has seen as being effeminizing, something that is now a source of its being popular but was of course once something to be avoided for safety reasons. Its often violent portrayal within pornography has also added to its taboo nature even in modern times where it is more accepted than ever before, and it remains a criminal offence in some countries around the world.

Anal sex is also often considered a taboo subject due to the concern over contracting STIs. While it is a high-risk sexual practice due to the thin layers of skin in the anal region, therefore meaning tears happen more naturally which can increase the spreading of STIs, the AIDS epidemic also created a true fear and disgust over the act which was only bolstered by the extreme homophobia of the time.


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