Knife play is another means of enjoying sex within a BDSM sphere, utilizing knives and sharp blades within sexual intercourse or foreplay to cut away clothing, scratch a sexual partner, or remove wax play. Even though we might assume that knife play could involve physically cutting the skin to make it bleed, this goes beyond what it is defined as being, as it is simply enjoying playing with a knife on the body. Knife play is also often described on forums as edge play, as the level of trust required to allow your sexual partner to play with knives during sex doesn’t change the level of danger involved with knives. Knowing that you could be seriously injured at any point is perhaps the biggest edge possible. Still, have questions about Knife-Play? Check out Blade Play 101.

Knives can often cut the fabric away from the body, typically of the submissive. This is a highly erotic activity, especially when the submissive is tied up and restrained entirely for their dominant’s pleasure. Not only would the sensation of having your clothes cut off be erotic, but also so would the knowledge that you are entirely unable to defend yourself, ultimately forced to succumb to your dominance. When combined with wax play, a submissive will also experience various sensations. First of all, there would be the hot wax dripping onto themselves, then the cooling of the wax, and then the use of the sharp blade to pick off the wax from their bodies. Yet again, combined with bondage, this is a compelling mixture. Knives can also often be used when roleplaying as a prop to add real danger into an imaginary scene and to provide depth and realism to any roleplay. For example, a swashbuckling pirate dom might flash his knife to a captive damsel in distress, or a mafia wife might threaten her adoring enemy with a similar tool.


When enjoying knife play, it’s almost inevitable that, at some point, blood will be accidentally shed. Accidents happen; sometimes, one accidental movement can be enough to get some blood flowing. This is why it’s essential to be as careful as possible, communicate strongly and consistently, ensure full and enthusiastic consent, and utilize knife play only when both of you are entirely sober. It’s also an excellent opportunity to use safe words if things get too much or you feel unsafe. While knife play is a brilliant way to provide depth to your sexual intercourse and foreplay, it is a dangerous weapon above all. Therefore, you must be careful when bringing something as sharp into the bedroom, ensuring you’re an expert at utilizing it and that your partner consents enthusiastically. One simple mistake could lead to dangerous affairs, so it’s best to do immense research, use only a blade you are comfortable handling, and that you keep first-aid resources close by just in case the worst happens. It is also essential you keep in mind that the potential drawing of blood isn’t dangerous only for losing blood but also in the sharing of transmitted diseases too, so be careful not to share any fluids and to make sure you know each other’s health history before beginning your knife play journey.


People enjoy knife play for all the fun and sex it can provide them. This is itself called ‘fear play’ and exists with its own right within BDSM too. The level of fear it offers its players, specifically its submissives, who are likely to face the dangerous metal near their bodies, is a turn-on within itself.

Feeling the sensations of the sharp knife against your skin is itself erotic and can wake your body up to a whole host of other physical phenomena too. Often, the sharpest point of the knife can be gently pressed into the skin, providing an intense pinprick sensation that feels very dangerous without actually creating a drop of any blood, similar to the sensation of a razor shaving the face and neck. Such sensations can provide a victim mentality, leaving a submissive immobilized and entirely paralyzed, afraid to move for fear of the danger it could provide. This would be a wholly enjoyable experience for the dominant and would help reinforce the inferiority of the submissive within the relationship, as well as the dominant’s overall power over the submissive as a result. The adrenaline likely experienced from this kind of fear play is also likely to have an intense effect on the body, getting your heart to beat fast and making your body feel hot, the sweat of which will only add to the sensation of your skin against the knife as it trails down your skin or gently presses against your nipple.

To increase the physical sensations of using a knife, many people have described in chat forums how they keep the knife in the freezer before using it, making it cold enough to enhance the sensations of it against the skin. Be careful, however, that you don’t make the knife too hard; having it stick to your body would be pretty unsexy and may not be what either of you intended.

Be careful when spanking and remain vigilant over the dangers posed when using a knife, specifically from spanking, rather than a belt or a paddle. Using the flat of blade as a spanking tool is also possible, especially if you’re using a large knife with a big base. Be careful, however, for when you spank your partner on the butt cheeks, if you drag your knife off, you are likely to unintentionally slice their cheeks. Aftercare is critical whenever you physically, mentally, or emotionally hurt your partner.


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