The desire to be an “adult baby” is a fetish that involves regressing into a state of infancy. This is often undertaken physically, with the individual wearing childish clothes and diapers and being taken care of entirely as if they were a baby. This can often include being given bottles, playing with toys, and being punished when they’re naughty. However, the role play goes beyond this and is undertaken psychologically, too, with the “baby” seeking a loving, caring experience from their dom, which typically remains acting as an adult. Often they wish not to be called an “adult baby” but instead a “little” to their “big” (as is done mainly on online chat communities), sometimes finding the term “adult baby” offensive. There is also such a thing as a “sissy baby,” where an individual (typically male) wears feminized clothing, uses female pronouns, and is often consensually play-forced by their dominant into becoming a girly “sissy.” This can be undertaken by begging them to stop having makeup forced upon them or to have their nails painted, for example.

Many adult babies fantasize or wish for a child-like room to enjoy, meaning that they can use an adult-sized crib, play with toys and even crawl around on the floor as much as they desire. Many relationships that enjoy the adult baby fetish are also of a dominant and submissive nature, and the dominant in each relationship often takes on a caregiver role for their submissive. It isn’t unusual for them to clothe, feed, wash, and discipline their submissive for both of their enjoyment. Often the form of discipline invokes other elements of BDSM, such as spanking and choking.


As with all elements of BDSM, there are many reasons why someone might enjoy roleplaying as an adult baby. For many, it is due to the connotations of humiliation and submission that come with the role, especially when diaper play is involved. The dominant/submissive dynamic can be thoroughly enjoyed by creating opportunities for further training and BDSM play sessions whenever a little is naughty or is taught how to behave precisely how their dominant likes. Many couples enjoy the little/big dynamic only in moments of sexual intimacy. Still, others utilize the role 24/7, finding it not just a fun way to enjoy sex and deepen their connection but as a lifestyle that helps them express who they are daily. Those who utilize it as a lifestyle often are part of large online chat communities that become true friendships, allowing for play dates to other friendships, connections, and training.

Many people, especially submissives, enjoy the scene for the level of nurturing and care it can provide them. Often, those who have been through trauma find it a great comfort to be cared for and looked after by another, but even those who have not experienced trauma can experience the same feeling. Many people enjoy the aesthetic of children’s clothing and toys and feel a greater connection to them than enduring life as an adult.

For those with other fetishes and kinks, adult baby play is also, at times, mainly similar to other scenes, such as puppy play. This helps bridge the gap for people interested in different things, especially with the solid online chat communities established within the scene. It can therefore help lead people into a greater sense of discovery for their own tastes.


Understandably, the notion of an adult roleplaying as a baby is confusing, but this often leads people to misunderstand the true sexual enjoyment behind the fetish. As a result, people often find the scene paedophilic and believe it encourages the sexualization of children and paedophilic practices. However, it must be remembered that fully consenting adults are the only ones who partake in the scene, and no underage partners are sought as a result.


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