Impact play is a general term used to describe the sexual act of someone being struck either for their own sexual pleasure or for the pleasure of their sexual partner. This striking can be undertaken in a vast manner of different ways and often happens repeatedly either until a lesson has been learnt or until a bruise or a welt begins to show on the body of the person being struck. Due to the discipline element of BDSM, it is considered to be an act under the umbrella of its meanings. Erotic spanking is enjoyed by both the people being spanked and the person providing the hit, and is often utilized as a form of punishment and discipline within D/S relationships for the benefit and enjoyment of all involved. However, it is not necessarily an act that occurs only within kinky relationships, and is often one of the overpopularized forms of kinky play that is utilized by vanilla couples.

While impact play may sound violent or dangerous, it is widely understood in person and on impact-play forums like our own that those continuing with the sexual practice must be considerate of the health and wellbeing of the person being impacted. Often, impact play is only undertaken on areas of the body that are most equipped to deal with the strenuous act, such as on fleshy, fatty areas such as the ass cheeks. More sensitive areas such as the head, the neck, spine and kidneys are typically avoided for the safety of all those concerned, to prevent further health damage. While breasts are often enjoyed with impact play, particularly larger breasts, these can also be considered a high-risk area that should only be undertaken with great care and experience. For breasts, one or two spanks or hits are typically utilized rather than the recurrent and more enthusiastic spanking of the ass cheeks, which are often continued to be hit until there is significant bruising.

Spanking continues to be the most common form of impact play not just for it being free, but also for its ease of usage and the level of control the hit is able to be made onto the target. When whipping, for example, it is far more difficult to provide a safe and easy hit to the target without hitting the wrong area or damaging and hurting the target beyond what has been agreed by the whip wrapping around the target and hurting them in areas they shouldn’t be impacted.


Flagellation as a form of punishment has been around for as long as there has been literature and pieces of art, having been a popular form of discipline for as long as humans have been alive. Erotic depictions of flagellation have been around for nearly just as long, with proof being found on illustrations, wall paintings and literature harking back even to the fifth century BC. If you want to know more about the history and origins, try reading What Causes Spanking Fetishes? A Testable Model


Through erotic spanking, two very distinct sensations can be created. By utilizing wide tools, such as paddles or the palm of hands, a dull thudding sensation can be created that provides less physical pain and discomfort than the alternative. However, to create more of a stingy sensation which is more likely to create welts and longer lasting pain, thinner tools such as canes and whips can be utilized. It is also possible to make or purchase tools that don’t have a single tail (such as a cane or a whip) but instead have multiple tails, such as floggers and, most popularly, a cat o’ nine tails. It is up to a dominant to make sure their sub has agreed to which tools they are comfortable using and for submissives to use their safe word if the play ever becomes too intense or uncomfortable for them. In order to continue enjoying things consensually, the moment a safe word is said, the play should immediately stop and the submissive should be cared for however they choose.

Erotic spanking is often enjoyed in D/S couples while utilizing roleplaying, often to discipline someone from being naughty or to remind them “who is boss.” In such cases, a female submissive is often made to wear a spanking skirt. This is a skirt that the submissive wears that has an opening around the back that exposes their ass cheeks, therefore making it easy for their dominant to spank them without undressing them. Forms of fetish wear such as these are often utilized for teach/student roleplaying and are typically made of fetish-popular materials such as leather and latex. The male equivalent is typically assless chaps, also often made of the same material.

It is also possible to buy furniture that helps for easier and more enjoyable spanking, such as a spanking bench that an individual can either be bent over or even restrained to. A sawhorse, the piece that is most typically used for woodworking, is a popular piece of furniture to be discussed on chat sites that has been utilized by the kink scene due to its rings and padding which makes for easy spanking. If you need some more ideas on what to get a masochist, you can read our blog: 6 Types of Sex Toys for a Masochist.

While spanking is most commonly known to occur between couples, it is also possible for individuals to self-spank. When couples enjoy their relationship over the internet in chat rooms or on message boards, it is possible for a dominant to demand their submissive to spank themselves and perhaps film it for proof. Or perhaps, even if someone isn’t in a relationship of any kind, vanilla or kinky, they may enjoy the sensation of being spanked and provide it to themselves. It may not create the same sensation as someone else spanking you, for your brain dampens the effect when you choose to hit yourself, but some individuals may find it more pleasurable than reverting to not being spanked at all.


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