Foot fetishism is one of the more mainstream kinks that people tend to be aware of and partake in both in person and on online chat forums. Also being known as ‘podophilia’, it is a sexual interest and attraction in feet, one of the most typically non-sexual parts of the body. For people who find themselves attracted to feet, they may find themselves sexually attracted to the shape and length of people’s feet, the symmetry of toes on the feet, jewelry such as anklets, toe rings, nail polish and pedicures, socks or even shoes, particularly shoes where the toes peek out such as with flip flops and sandals. While many people are attracted to the look of feet, there are also those who are particularly attracted in the odor of feet, finding that body odor emanating from shoes doesn’t put them off as it does for most people, but instead makes them more attracted to their subject. Many people don’t understand this fetish leading it to have become a running job in many main forms of social media and chat forums, but it is a far more common fetish than people think and is slowly becoming more normalized and less bullied over time.


Many scientists over the years have tried to understand why something so seemingly non-sexual has become such a popular and common fetish for so many around the world. Some have suggested that within the brain in the area where certain parts of the body are processed and registered, the cortical homunculus, the area for where genitalia as well as feet and toes are remarkably close. However, some people disagree with this statement and instead argue that the feet and the genitals instead occupy parallel areas of the brain, and are therefore connected by some form of neural link between the two. Ultimately, scientific professionals are still theorizing and trying to come up with a definitive answer for why so many enjoy a foot fetishism, but the work continues to be ongoing.


People may enjoy having a foot fetish for a vast number of reasons, such as believing the feet to be a pretty and attractive art of the body, being interested in feet jobs (i.e., the use of the foot to provide hand jobs to a penis) or merely enjoying body odor and finding the foot to be the best way to gain access to such a smell. Feet are covered with nerve endings which often make sensations there more intense, often explaining why so many people enjoy foot rubs and tickling on the feet can be so intense. Tickling itself is another reason why people may enjoy a foot fetish, whether they are the ones tickling or being tickled.

One of the main elements of a foot fetish is the notion of humiliation, a recurring theme that crops up a lot throughout much of BDSM and fetishes. As feet are considered one of the least desirable parts of the body, often described as gross and dirty, most people are embarrassed at the truth of their being sexually attracted to it both in person and on online chats. This often becomes a cycle of pleasure with the embarrassment and humiliation becoming an important aspect of the fetish that only adds to its importance and enjoyment. Humiliation can also be exercised through adding a level of domination and submission into the mix. If one person has a foot fetish, they may desire to worship the feet of their partner, acting as their human footrest or begging for the joy of being able to touch kiss or play with their partner’s feet. This is itself a humiliating experience but one that the individual is likely to get off on.

When living with a foot fetish, performing acts others may not otherwise find attractive can be a soul-affirming experience. For example, when many people are grossed out by the idea of either having their toes sucked or sucking on someone else’s toes (also known as shrimping), this would be a hot experience for someone with a foot fetish. They might also get off on the idea of having genital contact with someone’s feet too, having someone rub their feet up against their genitals to provide the sensation of being masturbated but instead with their favorite part of the body doing all the work. It isn’t as easy as it may sound and may take some practice to get just right, but it’s sure to be a fan favorite among many foot fetishists. Using toes to penetrate the vagina or anus may also be a dream experience for a foot fetishist, though this should be done with caution and the foot in question needs to be neatly trimmed and clean enough to remain safe for the person being penetrated.


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