DADDY DOM / little girl (DDlg)

DDlg is an acronym that stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl.” DD/lg is a type of BDSM relationship where the dominant partner takes on the role of a nurturing OR strict caregiver (i.e., Daddy), while the submissive takes on the part of a youthful “child” (i.e., Little Girl). –

Often the players in these roles take on ages younger or older than their actual age. This is more drastically demonstrated in AB/DL or “Adult Baby / Diaper Lover” roleplays, where adults revert to an infantile state that needs to be taken care of. Dom/sub relationships are often age based since the younger person depends on, the older to tell them what to do and often dominates the interactions.

Adult babies are a subtype of “little” within age play kinks online in chat forums and in person. This group often goes by the acronym AB/DL or ABDL for Adult Baby / Diaper Lovers.  Adult babies roleplay as babies, often reverting to an utterly infantile state requiring their every need to be cared for by their dominant. Usually, this means sucking on a pacifier, having a baby-themed bedroom full of toys and cribs, and even potentially wearing a diaper cleaned and cared for by their dominant. The latter isn’t a fixture in all-age play or adult baby play, but many adult babies and their dominants enjoy diaper play for the intimacy and trust it enforces. Diaper play can also exist as a fetish for submissives and dominants. Adult babies will often laugh, play and gurgle as real babies would, including crying and throwing tantrums, too, which will require punishments.

The dominant for many of those who enjoy age play and adult baby play will be a “daddy dominant,” a specific type of chief that likes to take on the role of their submissive’s carer. This doesn’t always mean they will literally pretend to be the father of their submissive. Still, it will often mean that they take on a caring role for their sub, often taking responsibility for their needs and enforcing punishments when required. This use of reward and punishment is often one of the main factors that age players enjoy, for breaking the rules, spankings, and groundings can provide joy within roleplaying that it otherwise can’t as an adult.

While it might be more evident for a submissive to regress in age for sexual enjoyment, a little is often the one who acts as a dominant in the relationship. This could be that a little girl (potentially a brat) runs circles around their daddy, making them buy them things and throwing tantrums to get their way, or even an age player roleplaying as a teen seducing an older man on chat forums for their own satisfaction. Like all other kinky relationships, there is no rule for “normal,” and every relationship is entirely different and unique.


Age play is a kinky relationship that involves roleplaying, typically with one partner continuing to act as the mature adult they are. In contrast, one reverts to a younger age, sometimes only a few years, while often, decades back to childhood or even being a baby. Sometimes age play can involve pretending to be far older than you are, such as an older adult who is weak and often gets confused, but it is far more common to pretend to be younger than you are than older. While age play doesn’t have to be sexual, with many people merely enjoying the freedom and lack of stress and responsibility once they’re “little” again, often age play is sexual and is a roleplay used to intensify sexual relations, often while utilizing dominant/submissive power dynamics too. Usually, it is used to amplify D/s elements of the relationship and make each individual more comfortable and accessible within that specific role. E.g., a dominant male acting as a “daddy dominant” may find it easier to punish their “little” if they are taking on the role of a parental figure.

Age play is an umbrella to reference a wide variety of relationships and kinks in person and on online chat forums. It can range from simply calling someone “daddy” in a playful way to pursuing a MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck). It also isn’t something that is just enjoyed within the bedroom. By the way, you should check out our Younger for the Older forum when you canYounger for the Older forum when you have a chance.

For many couples, it is a way to explore and have fun while having sex. Still, they then revert to typical D/s relationships or even vanilla relationships outside of partaking in sex. However, age play is a fundamental part of the relationship for some. It isn’t a performance to be enjoyed only through sex but also in everyday life outside the bedroom.

While age plays, like all BDSM, must happen between consenting adults only, the specifics of the play can understandably make many people outside of the scene uncomfortable, with many believing that to enjoy age play, the dominant (and perhaps the submissive too) is sexualizing children and therefore could be considered a pedophile. However, the fact that only consenting adults participate in the play means that it is entirely exempt from pedophilic practices and that this is merely a misunderstanding from those outside the scene.


People may enjoy age play for many reasons, that people enjoy BDSM and dominant/submissive relationships. However, an element of age play allows for easier spankings and better role-playing, making it easier for both doms and subs to submit to their preassigned role within the relationship and act accordingly. Similar to a typical dominant and submissive relationship, the dom (typically a “daddy” figure) sets rules for their “little” that enforce they are looked after and remain safe – such as a specific diet, certain clothes, and bedtimes, either in person or on chat forums. Many are drawn to being looked after this way, even as adults, reminded of what it was like to be a minor and not have to care for themselves as adults tend to do. It is often a cathartic experience for those having come out of abuse who are looking for the freedom to feel safe and be silly again. Others find it fun to roleplay and enjoy all the fun and games related to being a child again.

People often try to find mental or emotional issues within those who like to age play, believing they may be broken or ill in some way, but it can also be true that sometimes people enjoy having fun and being a little silly; the feeling of being looked after or looking after someone enjoyable and self-affirming. When it comes to the enjoyment of the dominant, they likely enjoy much of the benefits of being a dom that can be found in different forms of BDSM – thereby being in charge, the control they have over their partner, and the knowledge they are looking out for their partner and taking care of them. However, being a daddy in age play also allows for further creativity, such as worldbuilding.


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