A is for asshole, with cheeks spread out wide,

B is Bukake, awash like the tide.

C is for cunt, such an expressive word

D is a dildo, whose size is absurd

E is for enema, in its soapy way

F? Well that’s fucking, done at least once a day

G is for G-spot, rewarding to find

H is hypnosis, sex play with the brain

I is for IUD, which were really a pain.

J is for jerking, and jilling away

KY lubes you up, and it starts with a K

L for Libido, that crazy sex urge

m is for money, on whores you can splurge

n is for “No” which my sub never says

O for orgasms, lasting for days.

P is for penis, I’m so glad I have one

Q is for queers, and the pan have more fun.

R is for ribbed, when you must use a condom

S is submissive, subject to a Dom

T is for teabag, done by some guy named Tom

U is for underwear, crotchless are terrific.

V is vagina, though that sounds scientific

W stands for women, may you fuck all night long

X? Xhibitionist when you spell it wrong

Y is for you, who‘s submissive to me

Z is for zero, which your limits should be.

There you have it. A galaxy full of possibilities, resting on the roll of a die. More importantly. Embrace the things you love and make them part of your sex life. As long as everyone plays along, it can make something that’s already pretty awesome, even more so.