Just because you like Dungeons & Dragons, or any of the many similar games, doesn’t make you abstinent. What if you could combine role-playing and sexual encounters? You always could. However, in the interest of helping, below are twenty role-playing game inspired bedroom games. Pick one, or grab your trusty d20 and let fate decide!

Note: For ease of reading, the examples are for a heterosexual couple. Gender and orientation can always be changed for the benefit of the parties involved. As always, consenting adults only!

1.   The Princess and the Penis – Naughty encounters between royalty and servants were far more common than one might think. Maybe the chamber boy needs to make up the bed for her highness, and if he doesn’t get it perfect, he’ll be punished.

2.  The Frost Witch and the Captive – The evil frost witch has her foe in her clutches. But all she really wants is for him to thaw her frozen heart. This is good for people who like interrogation play, or adversary to lover, all with full consent, of course.

3.  Superfreaks – What happens when two superheroes decide to drop the capes and get nasty?

4.  Sex in Space – The intrepid space explorer makes first contact with an alien race and must discover their sexual ways. For a fantasy twist, play an elf or something similar, and be initiated into the ways of human love.

5.  The Phantom of the Opera. Ok, it’s a bit creepy when you think about it, but the idea of using music to seduce is hardly a new one. Props to those who actually sing, and not just if they are good at it.

6.  The Cowpoke and the Saloon Girl – Classic western wordplay and seduction. If you can pull off the accent, it’s even hotter. Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

7.  Naked Twister – yes it has the reputation of being the game everyone thinks will turn into an orgy, but never does. Time to break that misconception.

8.  Strip Poker – It’s a classic, and it works better with more than two. But who says poker is the only strip game you can play? Play strip cribbage. Play strip Uno. Play strip Yahtzee. Just make up the rules on the fly and then end result will be great sex no matter how it plays out.

9.  Graduation Night – School’s out forever. Which means that smoking hot teacher you’ve been lusting over isn’t your teacher anymore. Think of the fun you can get up to now. After all, you’re all grown up. So what’s stopping you?

10. Vampires – They’re cool, they’re sexy, they’re ok with a little biting. Vampires have always had a strange, erotic,  fascination. Playing one can lead to a wide variety of scenes and situations. Be careful not to bite too hard.

11. Shifters – Let’s face it, some people like a little of the animal side of lust. So dealing with a shapeshifter, in its human form, still allows that carnal side to show through without crossing any lines. Even Kindle agrees.

12. Cave People – Ever try negotiating sex with no words? Just grunts and primitive hand gestures. It can be a lot of fun. Don’t club anyone on the head, or drag them back to the bed by their hair. There’s such a thing as going too far into character. But a little primitive, grunt-filled, passion can be just what the anthropologist ordered.

13. Cheerleaders – Geeks don’t always just think of science fiction and non-erotic fantasy. So many of them had a crush on the member(s) of the squad, who seemed unobtainable at the time. Reawakening this desire can leave you both cheering with satisfaction.

14. Drama Club – Ever considered playing pretend that you are playing pretend? Two awkward thespians try to practice a romantic scene, despite being incredibly nervous. The great part of this one is it can continue well into the act itself. This lets lovers immerse themselves into sexual fantasy all the more.

15. The Android – One partner plays the “emotionless” android, the other tries to awaken desire within the tin man’s heart. A thawing heart can turn red hot very fast.

16. Cosplay – Another playstyle with endless possibilities. Dress as an anime character. Dress as a Jedi. Dress as Doctor Who (whichever is your favorite) and use a dildo as a sonic screwdriver. Dress as Lara Croft. Dress as Wonder Woman. Dress however you want, and undress the same way.

17. Save me! – Rescuing someone from a monster, or unjust imprisonment, can lead to some hot and heavy gratitude sex. It’s probably best not to roleplay the monster. Especially not using sock puppets.

18. Star Trek – There has been so much Star Trek erotica over the years it seems like every character has had hot Tribble sex with every other character. So, mix and match your favorites and play all the combinations your heart desires? 7 of 9? Captain Archer? Picard? Troi? Kirk? Uhura? Janeway? Quark? The possibilities are endless.

19. Spies Like Us – Two spies, both sent to seduce the other for information. Will they put aside their differences and focus on the sex? This is another one where a fake accent can really help.

20. Roll twice and combine the two results. If you can’t figure out how to do it, just try harder.

There you have it. A galaxy full of possibilities, resting on the roll of a die. More importantly. Embrace the things you love and make them part of your sex life. As long as everyone plays along, it can make something that’s already pretty awesome, even more so.