Once a VIP Always a VIP

This is not a subscription. VIP is a single purchase that stays with your account forever.
Option to purchase VIP only appears in chat for registered accounts (not guest accounts).

Extra Emojis

There are extra tabs of emojis that you can use as a VIP.

apple emojis

Name & Text Colors

Change your username and text color or gradient. 

red name tag in neon

Private Rooms

Create your own public or private temporary room. These rooms are deleted when unoccupied for a period of time. All rooms must follow chat rules.

blue digital key

Copy & Paste

You can copy and paste images right into the chat or private message windows.

copy and paste key board

Top of User List

VIP users are listed before guest and regular members in the user list. 

1st place trophy

View Chat History

Scroll back in time and view what was posted before you entered the room.

alarm clock fading away

Filter Protection

We try to keep the list of words that when typed result in getting muted or banned limited. However, accidents happen. VIP users are exempt from this filter (for the most part). We occasionally disable this protection to catch people who use VIP to shield themselves from spam protection.

curse symbols in a chat box

Microphone Recordings

You can use your microphone to record your voice and post it to a room or private message (PM).

Blue and red soundwaves and a microphone
how to get VIP

Purchase VIP from Within The Chat

To gain access to all of the wonderful features listed above you need to purchase VIP. This is done from within the chat room. You must be a registered member in order to upgrade your account or someone else’s to VIP.


Because people come and go from chat rooms for a myriad of reasons we do not offer refunds for VIP.  VIPs can get banned for breaking the rules just like every other chatter.