Let’s imagine that you walk into your partner having sex with another person, but instead of getting furious, you get sexual gratification from it.

Yes! That’s an example of what cuckolding is. It is a type of fetish where a man would get turned on while watching his wife have sex with another person. A cuckold is a man whose wife or girlfriend is cheating on, and he approves of such an affair. A woman whose husband is a cuckold is addressed as a cuckoldress.

Cuckolding has become a fetish or a kink, and apparently, many people have realized that they are into this act. Sometimes, derogatory words are used to increase the sexual desire and the ultimate climax of the cuckold.

Cuckolding involves humiliation; it is one of the acts contained in BDSM, which means bondage, discipline, domination and submission, sadism, and masochism. The third party in a cuckolding can also be a woman or a man depending on the parties involved.

Are You a Cuckold?

There are different types of fetishes and kinks and cuckolding is just one of them. The experience differs in people. Some people get excited seeing their partners being satisfied by another person

You may have cuckold fantasies; you may be wondering what it may feel like watching your partner with another person. Like other fetishes out there, you should test the waters and start out slowly.

You may jump into it, and it won’t turn out as exciting as you thought it would be.

Cuckolding is like a threesome, a sexual act that involves three people, and sometimes threesome rules apply to it

Getting Into Cuckolding

Now, if you think cuckolding may be your thing, here are some tips that can help guide you through it.

  • You can watch cuckold pornographic movies and see how they are done. However, remember, porn is acting, and not everything is real.

  • Talk to your partner about it and make sure they are into it with you. Consent is crucial.

  • Get your partner to watch these videos with you and see what they are signing in for.

  • Create rules that will guide you during the act; it should be an exciting experience, so anything that makes you uncomfortable shouldn’t be allowed.

  • You should get ready to be jealous; if the jealousy makes you angry, then I don’t think you are a cuckold.

  • Look out for the third party, i.e., that person that will work with you and your partner. It may be a woman or a man, depending on how you swing.

  • If you have never tried a threesome, you would want to try it out. First, threesomes and cuckolding are not exactly the same, but they better represent what a cuckold looks like. Threesomes also have their own rules, so create rules that you all will abide by.

  • There is room for degradation and humiliation in cuckolding, but you have to decide whether you want it or not. A man is assumed to be humiliated if he walks in on his wife cheating on him. You can start with dirty talking, tell your partner to talk dirty to you, and see how much you like it. Remember not to start with stronger words, and dirty talks shouldn’t be too specific.

  • Your third party may be the one to enjoy degradation. You can have the conversation with them when you find them because this point, it is all about finding someone willing to tag on.

  • You can use toys to spice it up.

Bottom Line

No type of sex is non-consensual. Make sure to get the consent of everyone involved. If your partner is not into the act and refuses to be part, there was no consent.

A study has shown that cuckold partners maintain strong bonds and are more sexually satisfied.

Being a cuckold is perfectly fine. Do whatever rocks your boat, and remember not to come out strong.