So your man has come clean about his love of feet. Don’t be scared! A foot fetish is hardly uncommon. If you’re curious on how to indulge your man and really take an active part in his love of feet, keep on reading!

Not every foot fetish is created equal. Talk to him about ways in which you can help indulge his foot fetish, assuming you are comfortable doing so, of course. Like any fetish, everyone is different, with different boundaries. Check out BDSM Sex Chat’s Foot Fetish Chat to get some insight on what your partner might like.

Nail Color

Simple ways to begin could be asking your partner if he has a preference of nail color for your toes. People with a foot fetish may or may not care, but it is a pretty easy way to get the ball rolling. Keeping your toenail polish fresh and your feet soft are also great ways to start.

A Massage

Your partner might really want to massage your feet. Massages and foot rubs are already sensual acts that so many people enjoy, so this could be a win-win for both of you. Have him slide off your shoes, sit back, relax, and let him go to town!

Stockings or Pantyhose

A foot fetish can often go hand-in-hand with other fetishes such as stockings or pantyhose. Ask your man if he has any preferences, like seeing your feet in a pair of nude hose or a sexy black fishnet set. The bonus is that stockings, pantyhose, and thigh highs are all pretty affordable and also pretty sexy.

Special Shoes

Maybe your man goes crazy over certain shoes. High heels are often a big turn-on for foot fetishists, so putting on your sexiest pair before (and maybe even during) sex could really drive him wild.


Next, does he like a little toe-in-mouth action? Don’t knock it until you try it. Feet are notoriously ticklish, yes, so you might cringe at the thought of your toes in someone’s mouth. However, the sensitivity of that area combined with the warm feeling of your man’s tongue is a sensation not like any other. It can easily be added into part of your foreplay, leading up to the main act.

Foot Job

Finally, for those with a bit of dexterity, there are foot jobs. Yes, just like a hand job, but with your feet. It can be tricky to find the right position, but once you do, it can really blow his mind. Lube is especially great for foot jobs, allowing the soles of your feet to easily slide up and down his shaft. Whether you’re doing all of the motion, or he is, a foot job can be a lot more fun than its given credit for.