Let’s face it – condoms aren’t always enjoyable or pleasurable. The good news is that long gone are the days of uncomfortable condoms offered in only a few varieties and sizes. The condom market has drastically changed, meaning you can stay protected and safe without sacrificing comfort and pleasure. Here are some of the best condoms available that won’t disappoint either of you.

Lelo Hex

The Lelo Hex condoms are a great, ultra-thin condom experience. These condoms are extremely thin but are also very, very strong due to the hexagonal design. Another great thing about the Lelo Hex is the fact that the inside is textured, to help prevent the dreaded slippage. This condom will stay nice and secure during sex. These are latex condoms that aren’t as strong-smelling as other ones on the market, which puts them even higher above the rest. They also come in an XL version! 

Skyn Elite

These condoms are nothing new, but if you’ve not tried them yet, they are an absolute must! These are non-latex condoms, so they’re great for allergies or those with sensitive skin. These condoms are very thin and perfectly lubricated. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another condom that feels so natural and almost “not there.” Plus, the lack of latex smell is another perk. 



Grove Ultra Thin

If you’re someone who really makes an effort to purchase sustainable products, these condoms just might be perfect for you. These ultra-thin condoms are made from Fair Trade latex and are shipped carbon neutrally. They offer large, extra-large, and tailored fit condoms as well, so there is definitely something for everyone. (And check out Grove’s lube while you’re at it!) 



myOne Custom Fit

No condom list would be complete without mentioning myOne condoms. Only available online, these condoms require you to enter your measurements in order to get the perfect-sized condom tailored just for you. This is truly a game changer! They even send you a sample kit to try before you buy. myOne has received a lot of hype, and honestly, it’s justified. Plus, the latex used for myOne condoms is a lot softer than other companies, so the feel is great. 

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