What's the difference between self-harm and masturbatory masochism?


The answer seems obvious to me but it also seems kind of difficult to truly define... Is it a matter of wanting to feel powerful, or a matter of pleasant pain? Is it more to cause yourself hurt and harm, or is it definitely something that feels good, just in a painful way?

I've been known to do both, and I'll be honest, my 'masobation' as I like to call it is a very different thing from my self harm... If I'm masobating, I drip wax, I put clothes pins on my nipples, I whip myself with something... If I'm self-harming I break skin, I bite and claw and tear and slice... Sometimes I even just delete important files or throw out prized possessions... It's something that I'm not proud of, it's catharsis instead of desire, control instead of pleasure, destruction instead of mastery, hurt instead of pain...

Thanks for reading ^w^


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Self-harm is a trance state for the brain, which does not correlate with self-gratification, as it seems to me. If a person has a blood kink, for example, this is no longer a self-harm