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User: "Blood lust" is a Problematic Room Admin


New member
Blood lust (room admin for Kinky Fuckery) joined the room and immediately said something along the lines of "The room is great apart from some who make it a shit show".

A user called Malice spoke and Blood lust decided to call Malice "one of the shit shows" for no reason.

This then led to an argument and Blood Lust started bullying Malice.

Later on, Blood lust decided to refer to the global moderator "Esoteric" who I believe is now "Neyla" as "Esocun-", calling her a cunt.

blood lust 1.png

A couple of minutes later, Blood lust started warning a random user called "Kingchan" to not start drama even though he was just asking what's going on.

blood lust 2.png

Blood lust is one of the users who were part of the problem in Kinky Fuckery back when ddg_slut was around.
"Disrespect towards any of them will consult in me coming after you."

So, she has a problem with people disrespecting her banned friend "ddg_slut" but she's allowed to call people "one of the shit shows" in public chat (unprovoked) and start an argument?

I don't want Blood lust banned from bdsmchat.co. Let me make that clear. It's bad for the growth of the site to ban all the problematic room admins. Even if I dislike her, being on the site means she adds to the population. Though, I do think her power should be taken away after this. She can't be trusted with it if she's threatening to mute/ban people while she's behaving worse.

She can't warn Kingchan about drama for simply asking what's going on while she's calling people "one of the shit shows" out of nowhere, inventing drama herself.
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