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The Problem with Privately Owned Rooms


New member
Private room owners and room admins are behaving like a gang by muting/banning people for silly reasons. I think they're also being unnecessarily cruel to newcomers as well. If anybody tries to stick up for a newcomer being picked on, they just mute or ban them too.

If the main room being used is privately owned, they kinda have control over who can and can't use the website (because everybody using the site is in that room). This isn't good for the growth of the site. It's making newcomers leave because they feel unwelcome.

For example, a room owner didn't want users having a virginity kink and threatened to ban anyone who talked about it. At the same time, kinks like knife-play (cutting skin) were allowed.

Whoever is managing the most populated room should only be muting or banning in terms of the site ToS.

There's also a problem with room owners and room admins manipulating what constitutes harassment and abuse. They gaslight someone by purposely taking something the wrong way and act offended/insulted to have a reason to mute/ban.


Make the "Main room" always at the top of the list of rooms.
Create a room called "Roleplay room" and make it so it's always under Main room, so 2nd in the list.

This will encourage people to use those rooms primarily. These rooms will be managed by global moderators who are much more mature, such as Bunny Goddess, who has a good reputation for being responsible with mod powers and not letting nepotism affect her judgement.

Alternatively, come up with 2 catchy names for the primary rooms yourself.
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