submission is so much more than getting spanked and having orgasms.
Submission is about being there for your Dom/Domme.
Submission is about being that consistent person.
Submission is building your Dom/Domme up and letting them know their loved and valued.
Submission is about listening when you want to speak.
Submission is about running to the pharmacy when you're Dom/Domme is under the weather.
Submission is helping them get ready for work when their is running late.
Submission is letting them lead, even when it’s hardest.
Submission is being his cheerleader.
Submission is honest, open communication because that’s what you're Dom/Domme deserves.
Submission is having their back.
Submission is being the hand that reaches for them in the middle of the night.
Submission is so much more than sex and submitting can come in the smallest, simplest ways